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The President Speaks to Recruiting, Memberships, Dues, Awards, Scholarships & More (25 Aug 2008)


Contacting our members is a challenging event for the Executive Board officers, weather it is by email or telephone. This includes sending out AFSS Membership Introduction & Welcome Letters, AFSS Brochures or Membership Renewal Notifications and even informing members of new programs coming on line for the membership. The prime ingredient to making contact is having a valid members email address, phone number, a snail mail address and the spouses first name is important. Many Air Force - Force Support Squadron personnel have indicated interest in becoming members. Some speak of their heritage in the new Air Force - Force Support Squadrons worldwide. Others talk with their co-workers, supervisors and some even to their Chief Enlisted Manager’s (CEM's) and Commanders about issues that effect their lives and families such as health benefits, pay, benefits in using the Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and the Defense Commissary Agency. Some airman and even civilians frequently asked questions concerning new issues affecting their career fields. Issues such as the new airman evaluation system, special training requirements, new technical or specialized courses available, training into other career fields that are open for cross training, off duty higher education, financial support available to assist them in some of these concerns. How can we do this or what do I need to accomplish in order to meet the criteria of some other career function? These are issues many of today's airmen and civilians ask those who are in a leadership capacity to give them guidance on. Some of you when asked if you have heard about AFSS, you will say, “I have never heard of AFSS, or you have heard something about it but never checked further into what it is all about”. AFSS is all about you, the men and women who make up the Air Forces - Force Support Squadron Teams worldwide.

Recruiting has only been fair, and keeping the honorary memberships current is another issue after their free one-year membership expires. I think some of the misunderstandings the people wonder about before they make their decision to join, not join or not renew their membership is they don’t know enough about AFSS and what we do. The EB officers and I feel the problems can be contributed to a lack of knowledge about AFSS and what our primary mission is. This issue was recently addressed to us by one of our top senior enlisted managers and we have tasked ourselves to do everything within our means to respond positively to fixing the issue. One such task will be to prepare a position paper or a point paper some may say for our senior enlisted, officer and civilian leadership to use to address and answer questions about AFSS. Fixing the issue of telling our story which I should add was not addressed well enough in the very beginning, considering we started this organization back on 12 January 2005 and had very little expertise in developing such an important document to tell our story. We knew what we desired to do for the people and that is where we began. Today we have no excuse for not addressing all the facts and answering the questions from the field on What, Who, Where, When, Why, and How; questions that are on the minds of potential members. We shall work this hard and fix it in hopes of answering all your questions.

A few non-members have had a direct involvement in our recognition programs and we truly appreciate their support. Some of the neat things we do are recognizing as many of the superb accomplishments of our Air Forces - Force Support Squadron Team members by providing AFSS free memberships. Keep in mind we want to do more but need to know of the other programs in our two new career fields, Manpower and Personnel. Today we provide one-year free memberships to the winners of the Air Force’s Hennessy Travelers Awards (HTA's), Innkeeper Travelers Awards (ITA's), and the Air Force Individual award winners. AFSS takes great pleasure in the recognition of outstanding squadron accomplishments for the Squadron winners of the LeMay and Eubank annual awards by presenting the organizations our AFSS Trophies. Every Distinguished Graduate from the Lackland AFB Schoolhouse also receives a free one-year membership in AFSS, and the right to wear their Services Organizational Badge upon graduation. All winners receive our special individual AFSS Certificate of Achievement along with their membership. Every award appears to be appreciated by the recipients, and it is our honor to support such outstanding accomplishments. Individual and group pictures of the winners are highly encouraged and may be sent to our webmaster for posting on the AFSS Website. Everyone enjoys being recognized for his or her outstanding performance and also being a part of the greatest Air Force Team ever. This also includes AFSS members retiring.

As a retired Chief Master Sergeant, I still feel a part of our responsibility is to mentor young airmen and provide them their history and heritage of a proud profession. No matter where you work in the Force Support Squadrons, Manpower, Personnel or Services, teamwork is a key element to success. Food Service, Air Force Inns, Sports & Fitness Centers, Mortuary Affairs, Readiness, Laundry, Honor Guard, Protocol functions, Morale, Welfare and Recreational Services, Manpower and or Personnel, commitment is our first and foremost priority in customer service. As a Nonprofit and Public Charity corporation formed in the great State of Texas, the Air Force Services Society Team continues to strive for perfection and total customer services support for all our AFSS members.

As an organization we provided the much-needed support to the Air Force Museum at WPAFB in Ohio by providing the museum staff a check for $2744. This purchased the much-needed State-Of-The-Art multi-media presentation video equipment that informs visitors of our services heritage and mission in support of the troops in the AOE and at home. We were proud to donate the necessary funds for this project that many airmen and civilians have got to appreciate and enjoy knowing how well we support the Airmen & Civilians in today's Air Force.

There are many other issues we are working on for improving our AFSS corporation and membership to include website updates. Our Webmasters installed new software that has minimized non-members from inputting spam and undesired comments into our Website, a great achievement in and of itself. I think the programs and new capabilities Milton Hobdy and Jim Krueger continue to develop and use are improvements building our organization and improving communication capabilities. In the communications world of today, the sky is the limit.

Our new final updated AFSS Bylaws are available on our website as of 23 July 2008. We proposed several revisions and increased some of the amounts we may receive as donations and pay for cost of services rendered. The document was reviewed and approved by the Executive Board officers, and then approved by 97 of our members voting yes, not one No vote, and 45 members not voting due to deployments, or unavailable at the time for voting.

The 2009 Fall Semester/Quarter college book scholarship program will be available on our website link titled "Scholarship Info" for review and application next year, 5 January 2009. There will be 5 scholarships valued at $300.00 each available for award. Specific application procedures and the rules of engagement will be identified for your review and submission via our AFSS website link Scholarship Info.

Winners of the 2009 HTA, ITA and AF Individual Awards will continue to receive a free one-year membership in AFSS for their outstanding performances. Other individual award winners receiving free one-year memberships are the top Distinguished Graduates from the Schoolhouse at Lackland AFB. All of this became a reality thanks to the support of the Air Force Services Agency respective POCs. Mrs. Cathy Edmonds, Chief, Commander's Action Group, POC responsible for the AF Individual awards including the LeMay & Eubank awards. Mr. George Miller, Chief Air Force Food Services POC for the AF Hennessy awards. Ms. Alison Reid, Operations Branch Chief POC for AF Innkeeper awards. We also wish to recognize CMS Jeremiah Simon, Superintendent of the 344 TRS/CCC, Lackland AFB, Texas and his staff, who have assisted AFSS in continuing our awards program for the Air Force’s Services Distinguished Graduates.

We have received some individual favorite recipes and will also be using some of the historical photos we have to build our new AFSS Historical Recipe Cookbook. We wish to complete this project by September 2009 in time for the next Reunion. Your favorite recipes and any historical photographs you wish to share with us will be appreciated and is needed. Of all the members we have, I am sure we have some with exciting recipes to share! We have a link on our website titled “Cookbook” that is under revision due to some spammers invading our link. You may still send your recipes and photos to or webmaster Milton Hobdy at his email address We hope to have the link back up and available sometime this fall with access limited to AFSS members only. Add as many recipes as you wish and soon we will have our cookbook complete and available for members donating funds to our organization and others who may wish to obtain a copy. We want to have copies available at the Reunion/Meeting scheduled for 2-5 Oct 2009 at Tyndall AFB FL. We have lots of great history in our career fields and this is just one more means of sharing it with our members of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

We continue needing your involvement and support in recruiting new membership, and request your support helping us build AFSS into the best customer services corporation possible. All you need to do is talk to your friends and associates and inform them about AFSS and our website URL, We have the finest Force Support Professionals in the world and getting them interested in joining our organization is one of our highest priorities. You may contact anyone of the Executive Board members (see our website link for their email addresses at “Board Members” and let us know what else we can do to effectively move forward with our projects and get on with updating our Marketing Strategy. Tell us what we can do to help you decide to become an AFSS member and join the AFSS Team. Your support is appreciated and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Last of all, on 1 January 2007 we increased our annual dues from $24.00 to $25.00, a $1.00 increase while keeping the lifetime membership dues the same. $25.00 a year for those desiring to pay by the year. Depending upon one's age, lifetime memberships are $250.00 under age 65; age 65 to 70 $200.00; age 71 to 75 $150.00, and 76 and beyond, $100.00. This is not expensive when we think of the cost to belong to other professional organizations requiring membership fees like private Golf clubs, or other organizations providing services desired like season passes to professional sports activities, football, baseball, basketball, tennis clubs etc. We do not foresee increasing our annual dues this year or in 2009. At such time in the future we may have to increase them but that will be another decision the EB will have to make and the membership approve. Donations are now acceptable up to $500.00 and are tax deductable. Unfortunately, AFSS dues are not tax deductable. Information is available concerning how to take the deduction by contacting our AFSS Treasurer and her contact information is also available on the “Board Members” link.

For t
hose who decided to become members, please make your checks payable to "AFSS" and email  D. M. Knebel our AFSS Treasurer ( for a mailing address.


Go direct to this website URL, if you prefer to pay by credit card, and use our PayPal Link by visiting our AFSS website link above and follow the prompts. Make sure you select the correct number of years you wish to pay for such as 1 @ $25.00 and if there are more indicated, just select the number (1) and also select "Update Cart", follow the rest of the prompts and fill out all the required data, home address, credit card # and the CSC on the back of your card, etc. You do not have to be a PayPal Card member, any major credit card works fine and you will get a receipt back. The system is very safe and secure, that we assure you.

Look for future updates and messages from the AFSS President on our new link, “President Speaks”. For those of you having news worthy of sharing with the membership or you wish to offer some recommendations for improving our organization, send your comments to me for review and I will do my best to have them placed on our website after considering them. You will receive a reply back of that I assure you!


President, Air Force Services Society


AFSS is incorporated in the State of Texas and considered a Nonprofit Corporation, and a Public Charity as defined by the IRS Code Section 501(c) (3).  Our mission objectives and goals are to develop and bring valuable information and benefits to the membership through providing combat support and community services to the membership and those serving in the United States Air Force.  We are not a part of the official Department of Defense or any of its components and have no governmental status.

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